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Section 1: Preparing Your Computer

Before you begin overclocking, there are some programs you will need to download. As you overclock your computer, you’re going to need to view important information, such as the total speed of the CPU, the voltage being given to the CPU, the memory timings, etc. To see this information, you’ll need a program called CPU-Z.

The two most informative tabs that you’ll view in CPU-Z are the “CPU†and the “Memory†tabs. The important information on the CPU tab include: the CPU speed (“Core Speedâ€), CPU Multiplier (“Multiplierâ€), Reference Clock (“Bus Speedâ€), HT Link Speed (“HT Linkâ€), and CPU Voltage (“Core Voltageâ€). If these terms don’t make sense right now don’t worry, they’ll be explained in the following chapter. This information will change during the process of overclocking.

The CPU tab also gives you other information about your CPU, including the CPU model, the stepping, and size of cache in the CPU. These details …